You wrote 'i' instead of 'I'? Have some self respect.

Welcome, weary traveller.

You have been directed here because at some point in your journey you have lost your way. You once were a confident, strong individual with a clear sense of self.

You knew who you were.

You knew what you wanted.

You had a curated and peach-themed Instagram, and you were pretty sure you could become an influencer like this girl from Rangiora you know, who doesn’t even have that many followers.

But that, dear student, is gone now. The rough roads of life have left you burnt and tarnished.

Your soul is weary.

Your previously buoyant view on the world is now regarded as naive and misplaced. Where Beyoncé bangers once reigned, lonely Adele melodies have become your self indulged theme songs. The haunting sadness in your eyes withers innocent flowers. You daren’t look at kittens in case that gets messy.

Your ‘I’ has become ‘i’.

No longer worthy of capitalisation, your opinion is quietly uttered.

‘i think the author is exploring the idea of redemption,’ you whisper.

‘Slipping off my shoes, i walk into the water,’ you mumble.

‘i would recommend this novel to other students,’ you weep.

For gosh’s sake, Jimmy. Leave the pity party and go home to bed. Your self loathing is dripping all over the floor and making a mess.

Have some self respect and use a capital I.